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Play all the free Sonic Games online!

Sonic is actually one of the coolest and best-known video game characters ever created. He was born in summer 1991 where he appeared in the first Sonic game made by the video game company Sega. Sega's intention was to create their own mascot and a game character to rival the big opponent Nintendo and their well known Super Mario. As we all know, Sonic is a blue-skinned hedgehog with the incredible abilities to run with super sonic speed - that's why he was named Sonic - and to curl into a ball and spin dash as a special attack. Over the years, a huge amount of cool Sonic games on a lot of video game consoles from 1991 to now were brought out. A couple of years ago Sonic games started to inspire online Flash game developers, and til now a lot of great Sonic online games with his friends Tails and Nuckles or Sonic Shadow were made by fans all over the world for you to play. Ultimate Flash Sonic for example is one of the best conversions, the Final Fantasy Sonic RPG series is cool and there are even games where Super Mario and Sonic appear in the same online game. Enjoy playing cool Mario & Sonic Games online at YallPlayGames!