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Super Mario Bros Games Online!

Super Mario is surely the best-known and most popular video game character ever. Super Mario is the mascot of the video game company Nintendo. He's a funny Italo-American plumber and the main protagonist of a huge amount of Mario Games. Mario was born in 1981 where he debuted in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. His name, Mario, was given to him one year later in the follow up game Donkey Kong Jr. 1983 Mario's brother Luigi was invented in the first Mario Bros Game. Since then the Mario Game genre was widely developed further by Nintendo and a whole cool world named Mushroom Kingdom, the place where Marios adventures take place, was created. The great popularity of Mario and Mario Bros has inspired Flash game developers all over the world to create online Mario Bros Games based on existing console games. Here we present you some of the best. Enjoy playing cool Mario Games online at YallPlayGames!