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Alien Slayer 3D

description for Alien Slayer 3D

Shooting Games: Alien Slayer 3D

Alien Slayer 3D is a cool 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) playable online. You have to accomplish various missions and you need to destroy a certain amount of alien eggs in each mission. Shoot as many aliens that come in your way and try to stay alive. You have a nice stack of weapons at your hand. Not suitable for kids under age of 12!
total plays: 50885 - plays per day: 12.4

Move around with Arrow keys or WASD. Aim and fire with the mouse. Use 123 or mouse wheel to select your weapon. Press R to reload. spacebar to open doors. Z for map. C for character sheet. M to use medikit. P to pause. Press 4 for stealth, 5 for heal, 6 for repulse.

3d shooting